Solar protection and photovoltaic modules



ABBA Solar Protections was founded in 1978 and is an example of the typical entrepreneurial skills of this region of Italy: Veneto has been the cradle of the so-called “North-East miracle”,  a series of social and economical processes that changed this area after the Second World War.  

At the beginning, the young entrepreneur Adriano Torresan founded a small firm, qualified in the production of technical sunscreen blinds, characterized by resistance, functionality, handicraft trimming and attention to every detail. It is also thanks to precision and to an antique and modern image at the same time, that Abba has become a leading company in the production of technical sunscreen blinds.


“Our main goal – says Mr. Torresan – is to provide solutions characterized by a very high technical level and by an accurate and expressive design. Architects and design offices have helped us to expand the frontiers and the contents of our manufacturing concern”.   


The new corporate headquarters

The increase in production and the necessity to adapt to curvy and vertical modern architectures led Abba to move to a new building, more suitable for the company’s development: the new corporate headquarters were built in Maserada sul Piave (Treviso). Then, the firm was supplied with new-generation equipment, which contributed to increase working capacity, innovation, technical prospects and quality of the manufactured blinds.

Today, with a working staff of more than 50 people and thirty years of passion, Abba Solar Protections has successfully achieved the first goals that Adriano Torresan had set at the beginning of his entrepreneurial adventure.

The innovation

Steady improvement and innovation are the bases of Abba’s development, obtained through a technologically and formally evolved process.
Focusing on what was - and still is - happening to our planet and considering the latest ideas concerning environmental, urban and building design, Abba’s staff started to work on a new project. This sophisticated and made-to-measure engineering process consisted in the application of a particular photovoltaic system to Abba’s technical blinds.
The result of this steady research is a new product that protects the environment and mixes adaptableness with a great saving of energy and money. It improves our lives as human beings and expands the frontiers of urban dimension, which is also enriched with new and striking sensory experiences.


Abba Solar Protections obtained the certificates of quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 “Management systems for quality”, which prove its ability to supply products that satisfy both customers’ and law’s requirements.
Quality, however, is also synonymous with solidity. Abba’s achievement of the CE certificate shows that the company fulfils the safety rules of the European Community. Abba Solar Protections is also qualified with the SOA certificate for OS6 classification II and for OS33 classification II.