AA 11

AA 11

Aluminum roller shutter made of 8 x 11 mm extruded profiles, profiled to host special fixing steel screws. These screws have an oversize bolt head and have been automatically screwed using a torque meter. The 8 x 52 mm bottom bar has a lower seat to contain the rubber gasket. The fabric is connected to the tube through several sliding components, which can be screwed anywhere using an M5 screw. In the 40 x 20 mm aluminium side guides there are seats where special antinoise seals can be inserted to avoid contact between the guides and the sliding fabric.
All parts are made of aluminum, which can be either anodized or painted according to RAL chart.
The moving mechanism is a 230 Volt 50Hz IP44 motor with integrated limit switch and a 2 meter long H05RRF 4G075 cable. The motor has different power depending on the weight it has to lift, it is coaxial to the tube and can be operated in an individual, grouped or centralized way.
This overhung system weighs 9 kg/sqm and is supported on both sides by special self-supporting brackets, which can be fastened either to the guides or to the existing head box.
The head box can either be insulated in extruded aluminum or simply consist in a wall recess.

Wind load resistance: class 6

(test dimensions: 2100 x 3000).