T.F.A. 100

T.F.A. 100

Aerofoil louver for outdoor or indoor use, made of extruded aluminium with a section of 100 x 20 mm and a weight of 0,9 kg/m. Slats have a standard distance between centres of 90 mm which can be also adjusted. Each slat has internal seats to which the stainless steel caps and their pins can be fastened. The pins run on special nylon bushings which have been previously fastened to the vertical structure.
The 60 x 90 aluminium structure can be fastened to the wall or to the frame either directly or through an aluminium spacer. The structure is made of two parts: a bearing one with continuous seats for the aluminium spacers, and a snap profile, which conceals the moving mechanisms. The slats can rotate 90° in one direction, thanks to a 15 mm square rod connecting the shaped caps and the nylon bushing.
Slats are tilted by a 230 Volt 50 Hz IP 65 stainless steel motor with a 2 meter long PURO-JZ 4G 0,75 QMM/22118 cable, which is fastened to the movable rod through a Ø20 drive piston from one side, while the Ø48 motor case is fastened to the vertical structure. The drive piston stroke is about 200 mm and can be adjusted manually through the screws of the limit switch.
All parts are made of aluminium, which can be either anodized or painted according to the RAL chart.

Min. width: 1000 mm – Max. width: 2500 mm

Min. height: 1000 mm – Max. height: 5000 mm.