TRO 120

TRO 120

Horizontal or vertical tensioned fabric system consisting in: tube roll, which can be of different diameters and made either of profiled steel or extruded aluminium; supporting brackets, belt flanges, nylon bushing and motor support. All these mechanisms are enclosed in a 2mm-thick cylindrical box Ø 120 mm.
The extruded aluminium side guides (dimension 30 x 55 mm or 50 x 55 mm) have an open track for the sliding runner and a separate closed seat for the belt. Thanks to the return pulley, the belt is drove inside the hem bar, where it is fastened to the gas spring, so that the fabric stays taut even when the diametric peripheral speed changes.
The hem bar – made from an aluminium matrix measuring 116 x 55 mm or 161 x 55 mm (depending on length and draw) - has a slot for the easy installation of the fabric and it an internal seat where the belt mechanisms can be fitted. The fabric can be fiberglass/polyester (electro welded), or acrylic (sewed), and runs out from the side guides.
Depending on the dimension needed and fabric width, there could be horizontal seams and stainless steel reinforcement rods. In any case, the fabric has a central sag depending on its own weight and size.
Idle rolls will be installed on systems with draw over 4 meters, with distance between centres to be decided during the design phase.
The guides and box assembly allows an easy and safe installation of the whole system together.
A 230 Volt 50Hz IP44 motor with integrated limit switch and a 2 meter long H05RRF4G075 cable is housed inside the roll and can be operated in an individual, grouped or centralized way. Aluminium will be painted into RAL colours. Approved fire-retardant fabric C1-M1 - B1.

Min. width: 1200 mm – Max. width: 2600 mm*

Min. overhang: 1000 mm – Max. overhang: 4800 mm.

Wind load resistance: class 3

(test dimensions: 2800 x 4000).

*exceeding this width might cause wrinkles in fabric.